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Swimming Pool Water Testing in Vancouver

The team at Imperial Paddock Pools knows that every pool is unique in regard to its specific chemical requirements. Your pool may react completely different than another pool with the very same system and environment because everything that enters your pool affects the chemical balance of the water, including swimmers, rain, pollution, leaves, worms, frogs and so forth. Therefore, water testing is a crucial component of your pool maintenance program. It is even more important during the busy summer months and during seasonal changes.

Fortunately, technology has made pool water testing much simpler with the aid of reliable water test kits. Imperial Paddock Pools has numerous types of water testing kits, and we’re more than happy to explain the testing procedures to you.

Take Advantage of Our Water Testing Laboratories

Bring in a sample of your pool or hot tub water and one of the Imperial Paddock Pools experts will test it for you at no charge. We’ll then explain to you exactly how to achieve the proper balance that will, keep your pool pristine clean, lower your treatment costs, reduce the time you spend on maintenance and give you peace-of-mind!

Free Water Testing