It’s Spa Season!


1- Clean, drain, and re-fill your spa:

First, give the hot tub’s plumbing a good cleaning with a spa cleanser before you drain the water, to flush out the plumbing.​ Drain the dirty water, and start the season with clean, fresh water. 

2- Replace or clean the filters:

With a pleated filter cartridge, give it a wash with your garden hose or replace it if necessary. Some filters should be washed every couple of months and replaced every 12-18 months, while disposable filters should be replaced more frequently. 

3- Balance the water:

To make sure your alkalinity and pH are at proper levels. Bring your water sample into our shop and we can help you with this! We will test the water and offer suggestions and products for clean and safe water quality. When adding chemicals to hot tub water, turn on one of the jet pumps to circulate the water for 20 minutes. Keep your spa cover open to allow the water to breathe and to release any chemical odours into the air. 

4- Check the cover:  

Since the cover prevents leaves and dirt from getting into the water, and prevents heat loss make sure your cover is in good working condition. Covers should be cleaned periodically with a gentle cleanser. If it is at the point where it is getting too heavy to lift, and has seen better days, it is time for a replacement. 

5- Turn up the HEAT!:

Most spa users prefer a water temperature in the range of 100F-102F, while real heat lovers tend to go for the max. high of 104F. Keep your tub temperature set within your comfort range, as continuously raising and lowering the heat can increase operational costs and have a negative impact on the clarity of water​.​

6- Invite some friends or family over, or enjoy the tranquility alone!

If this is too overwhelming, or if you simply do not have the time, our service technicians can come to your home, get your spa ready, and keep it clean for the whole season!

Please call Imperial Paddock Pools (604)-291-7771,  or email us at ( if you have any questions. We are happy to help!