Flipflops on table beside pool


1. Skim for leaves:

Make sure to skim your pool and clean your skimmer baskets often: this is especially important in autumn. Leaving leaves in the pool in the fall can lead to your pool water turning green, or worse, a build-up of leaves can attract algae growth and can stain the bottom and sides of your pool.

 2. Cover your pool:

Covering your pool in the fall/winter can save you lots of cleaning time later. It also helps prevent water evaporation and protects your pool from environmental exposures that can adversely react with the chlorine. There are all kinds of winter covers to choose from, and some can even offer a level of safety and security for your family.

 3. Clean your pool filter:

Your filtration system will have more to handle with the falling temperatures and added debris, so be sure to keep it clean and working optimally. Sand filters need backwashing, while cartridge filters should be cleaned or replaced.

 4. Look for cracks:

Look for cracks in your pool deck. It’s best to get them sealed and repaired before they get worse and cause permanent pool damage. Cracks in your pool deck allow moisture in. As the temperature continues to drop, the moisture can freeze and cause deeper cracks and greater damage.

 5. Vacuum the bottom of the pool:

Vacuum your pool thoroughly to pick up the additional debris that has fallen from the surface.

Following these steps for fall pool care will set you up for a successful spring opening;

or turn up the pool heater and enjoy having your pool season extended into the fall!