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Swimming Pool Basics – How a Pool Works

Swimming Pool Basics- How a Pool Works

Swimming pool basics-how a pool works- Your pool water circulates through its system.  The water is stained, filtered and chemically treated so that it remains clean. Water is drawn from the pool by the suction that is created by a circulating pump. While the pumps suction draws in water, it is generating pressure on the other side, which pushes the water to the pool. passing through a filter, a heater and a chlorinator.


In addition to circulating the pool water, pool pumps can power in-floor cleaning systems and automatic cleaners. The pool pump should be adequately sized so that it circulates all the pool water at least once a day. Efficiency of the pump is very important. Greater efficiency means lower utility costs. The key to pump efficiency lies in the pump’s design. The secret is to minimize turbulence as water passes through the pump. Less turbulence means less energy and less noise.


When the pump is finished collecting water from your pool, the water is then passed through your filter before it enters the heating unit or heat pump and then re-enters your pool or spa. You should choose a filtration system that matches your pool’s size and specific filtration requirements.

Filters remove most of the impurities from your pool’s water, such as body oils, grease, dirt, leaves and grass. They do not, however, filter algae, bacteria or minerals from the water.


Nothing allows you to enjoy your pool or spa more than a well-functioning heater. Add extra comfort to your early morning exercise routine, to your late-night swims and to extend the pool’s season from the early spring until the late fall. The most important element of pool heating is combustion efficiency, or ensuring that the heat is dispersed throughout the pool with 100% efficacy. Today’s high efficiency gas heaters warm your pool quickly and are affordable and built to last.

Chlorine Generators

Electrolytic chlorine generation (also known as salt chlorine generation) is the simplest, most reliable method of keeping your pool or spa’s water clean. The chlorine generator uses regular table salt to generate all the chlorine your will need. Best of all, chlorine generators do this safely, efficiently and automatically. Chlorine generators provide the same levels of sanitization that manual chlorine addition offers without any of the common drawbacks.

Maintenance Products & Accessories

Imperial Paddock Pools recommends that pool cleaning be your top priority to maintain the beauty and operation of your pool and to ensure that your pool is safe and healthy for your friends and family. Regular pool cleaning also protects your financial investment see our Residential and Commercial maintenance programs.